I.B.N. aritsts at Port d’Or on Friday, Aug. 27!

3 08 2010

Big show alert! Get ready to party all damn night with some of the wildest, weirdest music, including two of I.B.N.’s heaviest hitters, Speak Onion and David B. Applegate. Aside from all the drum’n’noise and Free Techno you can get, there’s also Bubblegum Octopus and Mysterious House taking it over the top with weirdness. You get it all with this party.

Don’t miss it!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Edit: Xrin Arms, sadly, won’t be able to make it up to NYC due to some rough times out on tour, so there will be only 4 bands at this show at Port d’Or. Still mad freshness guaranteed, though. Pour one out on the curb for XA, though.

Speak Onion at ExperiMENTAL Fest BBQ, this Sunday, Aug. 8!

30 07 2010

Your boy, Speak Onion, is fixing to drop some science next Sunday at the ExperiMENTAL Fest. It’ll be Noise BBQ becoming Breakcore Potluck and Industrial Picnic. You know the #1 Boss of Drum’n”Noise is going to provide hot fire to keep this scorcher of a summer going. With tons of great acts on the bill , including long-time home-girl, Joy Through Noise, there’s no question of good times to be had. Who’s bringing watermelon?

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

I.B.N. Presents party at Silent Barn on Sunday 8/15!

21 07 2010

Note: The venue is now changed to SILENT BARN at 915 Wyckoff. Sorry for the late notice!

Realicide and DJ Tacopunch are bringing the crazed electronic hardness from out of town, and of course we’ve got local industrial noise genius, Insect Deli, lighting the place up as well. That would be enough to make this show worth attending, but Digit216 and Speak Onion are doing a BATTLE SET of breaks, noise, and general clusterfuckery to top it all off.

Immigrant Breast Nest presents:
DJ Tacopunch
Speak Onion vs. Digit216 (special battle set!)
Insect Deli

Sunday, August 15, 2010, 8:30 PM
Silent Barn, 915 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood
L to Halsey

Speak Onion on Solipsistic Nation podcast about iphone/ipod/ipads

1 06 2010

The brilliant Solipsistic Nation podcast has featured Speak Onion in their recent show about people who use iphones/ipads/ipods to make electronic music. This show features various artists who use Apple’s mobile hardware in different ways to make all kinds of electronic music. The last 10 minutes or so of the show are devoted to our boy, Speak Onion, including an interview and his live set from last January, Speak Onion at Brecht Forum, January 19, 2009. Listen to Solipsistic Nation No. 193 right here.

Those of you know who’ve seen SO’s ruinous live styles may know that all those beats and loops are coming from an iphone running Beatmaker. They may get ripped apart afterwards, but that’s where they start. So go grab the new episode of Solipsistic Nation, and subscribe to their podcast while you’re there, because there’s plenty of new and awesome electronic music coming out of there every week.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Introducing Inconclusive Whale Autopsy, new release included

20 05 2010

Go get IBN016: Inconclusive Whale Autopsy- Inconclusive Whale Autopsy right now.

Inconclusive Whale Autopsy doesn’t have patience for pussyfooting around. The mission is gut, get, grab, and bail. The results are often messy, and that’s ultimately for the best. Quick bursts of energy from the left field of another dimension leave you bewildered and covered in incredibly wet ambergris. By the time you realize you’ve been drenched, Inconclusive Whale Autopsy has already moved on to fuck up more brains.

Immigrant Breast Nest is honored to present Inconclusive Whale Autopsy’s self-titled debut release. Trying to describe this record could have us inventing words all day and night, but these eight tracks only take seven minutes to drive the point home with no room for doubt. This is as weird and brutal as it gets. Inconclusive Whale Autopsy will rearrange your insides without a map.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Remixing The Bloodwhore, Black Metal Remixes Available Now!

26 04 2010

IBN015- Remixing The Bloodwhore

Immigrant Breast Nest let loose some of NYC’s local deviant electronics masters to work the darkest necromancy on Decanting The Bloodwhore’s tru kvlt black metal classic, Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients. Hellish blasts morph into breaks and bonks and pained screams slither into seething and sizzling noise freakouts. Imbuing the extreme grymmness of the originals with horrid and un-natural power, these remixes somehow deliver extreme hotness alongside true frost.

Digit216 and Speak Onion pound out ruined breakcore with no remorse, while Joy Through Noise and Thermometerometer revel in ominous ambience. Naetron and seismologist lay out neck-breaking grooves, leaving David Morneau and David B. Applegate to get way, way out there on some alien soundscapes. Immigrant Breast Nest once again brings you the tru necro kvlt grymness, this time raised to the evil inverted infinite power.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion’s Metabolor reviewed in Heathen Harvest

18 03 2010

Heathen Harvest has just posted up a review of Metabolor by Speak Onion. Read it here. They had some good stuff to say!

“…a raucous form of extreme soundwork that is equal parts hardcore techno, drum’n’bass and noise. This is the sound of the U.S. underground Breakcore scene, a quickly evolving genre, and Speak Onion is one of it’s masters.”

That’s right. Boss of NYC drum’n’noise.

Download the record right here.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Sunday night show was correct as hell

16 03 2010

2 hours of brutality- quick and painful. That’s how we do it.

Thanks again to Maruosa and Miyagi for making the long trip to get rowdy with us. And thanks to everyone who came out to check out the insane styles. SO KILLER.

Check out some other pics here.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Maruosa invades NYC, with I.B.N. artists supporting!! 3/14 at The Charleston.

18 02 2010

That’s right folks. Get your helmets on, becasue the mighty Maruosa is coming to drop riff after ruined riff on your face and slam beat after cut-up beat down your throat. Immigrant Breast Nest is teaming up with Barcore to present this EXCLUSIVE NYC appearance by Japan’s master of extreme laptop shredding at The Charleston on Sunday, March 14.

Opening up the night, we’ll have the wrecked digital stylings of our very own David B. Applegate, followed by NYC hard electronics mainstays, Speak Onion and Digit216. It will be a night of screaming bits and bL00r. So head over to The Charleston, grab some free pizza, and blow up with us. We’ll be knocking down buildings all night long. Trust.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Xrin Arms/Speak Onion split release, available now!

11 02 2010

Click the pic to get to the download!

This split release comes from two of the most vital electronic musicians working today. These two are separated by space and style, but couldn’t be closer after touring together and performing together for over two years. From psychedelic to brutal to harsh to pulsating, Snow Braids brings it all into one tight package.

Xrin Arms has been circling America, like a vulture looking for roadkill to feast on, destroying venues with zero remorse and whether you love him or hate him, you have no choice but to respect his determination and progression as an artist.  This once-leader of a digital grind movement has moved on to a much more colorful pasture; a harsh psychedelic one.  Incorporating live instruments and moving on from the typical e-grind formula, Xrin Arms has managed to find himself standing alone with practically his own music genre.  These four songs will be sure to please the harshness addicts and the melody lovers all at the same time. Trip away.

Speak Onion brings his particular style of noise-laden breakcore to the table, abandoning all caution and pushing the levels to the red. Only one track is needed to get the point across here. And the point is absolute ruination through sound. After the sprawling excess of “Trigger Pusher” Speak Onion returns to economical efficiency and packs a mammoth wallop into this 7-minute 5-finger sandwich.  Nothing less would suffice to close out this epic release.

Good luck finding your teeth.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)