“Is This Jazz?” – Remixes of Salo’s “Sundial Lotus” available now!

26 11 2012

Our cadre of electronics masterminds bring you eight remixes of Ben Gallina’s Salo- an instrumental septet bent on fusing knotty compositions with intense improvisations, masterfully interweaving gentle and fiery impulses, hard mathematics and ardent blowing. The richness and diversity of the raw material is mirrored in the variety of angles Immigrant Breast Nest’s artists chose to approach it. redHat’s dub’n’jungle assault, the glitched, techno-inspired work-outs of Bad Timing and Peter Seligman, seismologist’s patented industrial groove… We’ve touched the void and returned to earth monstrous. Speak Onion applies his drum’n’noise styles to a tune originally built off a Hindemith fugue. David B. Applegate whips each sound on a death march into a glitched fun-house while Joy Through Noise and David Morneau hit us with off-kilter atmospheres, re-invented ambiences, echoes.

Here at Immigrant Breast Nest, we’re ecstatic to present this set of unclassifiable sounds. Is this jazz? Was it ever? We don’t know. Is it a ground-breaking work of remix genius? Absolutely.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion- The Illusion of Depth E.P. Available Now!

27 01 2012

Speak Onion- The Illusion of Depth

Just in time for tonight’s big show, Speak Onion drops his finest and latest crop of crushing drum’n’noise. Download and get it into your earholes, and then come out tonight in Brooklyn to see it live!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

AMSCRAY Remixes of The Scrams’ Garage Rock Available Now!

11 11 2011

AMSCRAY: The Scrams Get Scrambled

Immigrant Breast Nest brings you a brand new collection of remixes, this time taking the wild garage rock of The Scrams and pushing it way out into I.B.N.-style aural chaos. Our best electronics geniuses have been hard at work in the lab mutating these tracks, and the results are ready for you.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion & Joy Through Noise- Entangled Fields Available Now!

6 07 2011

Speak Onion and Joy Through Noise- Entangled Fields

The new split record from Speak Onion and Joy Through Noise, Entangled Fields, is is up now in the releases section! There is a limited pressing of CDRs with Joy Through Noise’s amazing artwork, and mp3s to download, of course. Furious drum’n’noise scrapes up against the heaviest industrial rhythms on this brand new full-length album.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

I.B.N. Presents! Celebrating 25 releases with blown-out live electronics

18 06 2011

Immigrant Breast Nest Presents!

We’re bringing you another night of off-kilter electronics like no one else can.  On July 9th we unleash 4 new Immigrant Breast Nest records with live sets from all 5 of the artists who made them.  It’s a celebration!

Speak Onion (boss drum’n’noise)

Joy Through Noise (stomping industrial heaviness)

Mysterious House (volatile digital experiments)

David B. Applegate (shredded free techno)

David Morneau (apocalyptic electro)

@ The Charleston
174 Bedford Ave (corner of N7th St), Brooklyn, NY
July 9, 8:30 pm

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion & Mercy Choir- Victoria available now!

24 02 2011

Speak Onion w/ Mercy Choir- Victoria

Speak Onion and Mercy Choir‘s second joint EP, Victoria, is available now in the releases section. These two heroes of underground music return with all the gain, speed, heft, and heart you’d expect.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Placenta Family Tree Disc 4 featuring Speak Onion: Go get it!

3 12 2010

Our midwest comrades at Placenta Recordings have dropped their latest compliation of absolutely action-packed music, and it includes your boy Speak Onion with a brand new and exclusive track, as well as a hot joint featuring long-time friend of I.B.N., Xrin Arms.

‘Placenta Family Tree – Disc 4’ can be had over at http://www.archive.org/details/ThePlacentaFamilyTree-Disc4.


1. Xrin Arms/William Sides Atari Party/Dental Work/Mochipet/TPR/Scissor Shock – Connection
2. Sliciing Grandpa – Impact Horror
3. DJ Urine – Seeghouls
4. Black Mayonnaise – Contemplations
5. Right-Eye Rita – Soyy
6. Nyarlathotep – Bloom
7. Rudolfo – Cheetahman Does Grind!!!
8. Sir.Vixx – Sir.Vixx Sux
9. Syphilis Sauna – Fifimatic
10. Intercamalemelont – L’ondon Bridge
11. Dem Tune – Fly
12. Dogwater – May 4th, 530
13. Mustafio – Mustafio’s Models
14. Skarekrau Radio – KittieSwap Remixxx
15. Hostage Pageant – Clitoral Amputation Neuroma
16. Paregorik – In
17. Pendro – Phantom Zygote
18. Octavialsilver – Rage Yourself To Sleep (Anti-Dub Mix)
19. FluiD – Repressed
20. Speak Onion – Dust Combuster
21. Guards – Priest Mathis
22. Excruciating Macresco – Jolly Pirate
23. Corot Ghost – Lumineon
24. Power Pill Fist – Splicefree
25. Cock E.S.P. – 02a_PL603
Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Grindthieves is back and they want you to know about IBN017!

23 11 2010

Grindthieves, the finest source for new hotness in all kinds of under-the-radar music, especially hard electronics, is back after a little hiatus, and they want you to know about the Digit216 vs. Speak Onion: Battle at Silent Barn. We figured they’d enjoy hearing this audio slugfest. It seems they did:

“I would LOVE to hear this shit at a sound system near me. Fuuuck.”

If you don’t already have IBNo17: Battle At Silent Barn in your life, go get it (Download IBN017: Digit216 vs. Speak Onion- Battle At Silent Barn). And whatever you do, keep looking at Grindthieves for releases, mixes, shows, and all manner of great stuff.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Offical I.B.N. bootleg of Digit216 vs Speak Onion BATTLE SET available now!

23 08 2010

Download IBN017: Digit216 vs. Speak Onion- Battle At Silent Barn

Immigrant Breast Nest brings you an official bootleg from Digit216 and Speak Onion’s epic BATTLE SET from Silent Barn last weekend. Here is the sound of two giants locked in combat, leveling everything in their path. New York City’s most imposing purveyors of angry electronic mayhem met in pitched battle to determine who truly has the most dangerous beats in town. Digit216, the crowned king of cybergrind calamity, launched a barrage of mega-ton kicks and a seemingly infinite arsenal of bulletproof breaks. Speak Onion, the #1 boss of drum’n’noise, let loose a plague of toxic chemical synths and flesh-eating effects. After 5 rounds of chaos, the only clear winner was the crowd of on-lookers, left with gaping jaws and shattered eardrums.

Fortunately, a pristine recording from the mixing board has been uncovered, so the historic Battle At Silent Barn can take its place in history. Immigrant Breast Nest will bring this event to light so the world can hear the dangers of armed electronic conflict and the horrors of breakcore war. Hopefully society can learn from the past and such carnage will never repeat itself. Actually, scratch that, this shit crushes. Once you get this in your head, you’ll want it to happen again on a sound system near you.

I.B.N. aritsts at Port d’Or on Friday, Aug. 27!

3 08 2010

Big show alert! Get ready to party all damn night with some of the wildest, weirdest music, including two of I.B.N.’s heaviest hitters, Speak Onion and David B. Applegate. Aside from all the drum’n’noise and Free Techno you can get, there’s also Bubblegum Octopus and Mysterious House taking it over the top with weirdness. You get it all with this party.

Don’t miss it!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Edit: Xrin Arms, sadly, won’t be able to make it up to NYC due to some rough times out on tour, so there will be only 4 bands at this show at Port d’Or. Still mad freshness guaranteed, though. Pour one out on the curb for XA, though.