*new* “Spasm Chasm” by Thermometerometer.

6 01 2017

A nihilistic twitch, an abyssal dance, a Spasm Chasm. Thermometerometer’s latest batch of improvised electronic swirls has the power to mesmerize, seize, absorb, and unravel. The chasm opens, the sounds spill out, the chasm shuts, the sounds skitter over the wound.

Thermometerometer is:

Dan (Speak Onion) Abatemarco- nord modular synth, contact mics, effect pedals

David B. Applegate- machinedrum, microGranny, Trogotronic 669, microphone, effect pedals

Get spastic in the ditch, friends.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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