Inconclusive Whale Autopsy and Unrealistic Grindcore Return! IWAII!

11 10 2012

Inconclusive Whale Autopsy returns in a blaze of psychic anguish and
impulsive outburst with “IWAII.”  Beginning with the same equation
which spawned their first record, “IWAII” once again solves for X:
minimum duration, maximum goresplosion.

Not content to detonate alone, Inconclusive Whale Autopsy recruited
Xrin Arms, The Toilet, and David B. Applegate to add shrapnel to the
mix.  Xrin Arms disgorges virulence and blocks carrier signals on
Faciem Futuo Fulgur.  The Toilet is legion, whose paint fumes
suffocate the reasonable on Scheißekampf, die Eliminierung.  And David
B. Applegate rips lungs and defaces poetry on Meaty Urologyst.

There’s just enough time for this record before the world ends in
December: “IWAII” squeezes out 10 tracks of premium, unrealistic
grindcore in 9 minutes, 34 seconds.  Birds, butter, and sentient
electromagnetic fields await, the noise of a thousand uncooperative
bits of data.  Having drunk from the twin streams of Crystal Pepsi and
Zima, the lifeblood of Inconclusive Whale Autopsy is renewed and

The killing is necessary, the looting pays for the next expedition.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Immigrant Breast Nest Profiled on Solipsistic NATION podcast

19 12 2011


The excellent Solipsistic NATION podcast features Immigrant Breast Nest this week. This includes a fresh mix of I.B.N. tracks as well as an interview with Dan “Speak Onion” Abatemarco and David B. Applegate. Want to know the story behind the Immigrant Breast Nest name? Want to know the origins of the AMSCRAY release? Want to hear a new and unreleased Speak Onion track? You’ll find all that plus great music on this week’s profile of Immigrant Breast Nest on Solipsistic NATION.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Introducing Inconclusive Whale Autopsy, new release included

20 05 2010

Go get IBN016: Inconclusive Whale Autopsy- Inconclusive Whale Autopsy right now.

Inconclusive Whale Autopsy doesn’t have patience for pussyfooting around. The mission is gut, get, grab, and bail. The results are often messy, and that’s ultimately for the best. Quick bursts of energy from the left field of another dimension leave you bewildered and covered in incredibly wet ambergris. By the time you realize you’ve been drenched, Inconclusive Whale Autopsy has already moved on to fuck up more brains.

Immigrant Breast Nest is honored to present Inconclusive Whale Autopsy’s self-titled debut release. Trying to describe this record could have us inventing words all day and night, but these eight tracks only take seven minutes to drive the point home with no room for doubt. This is as weird and brutal as it gets. Inconclusive Whale Autopsy will rearrange your insides without a map.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)