Download IBN002: Speak Onion- Metabolor

1. Settling
2. Orgule
3. Twilight Sleep
4. An Unexpected Windfall
5. Hunter Scavenger
6. Many Fewer Branches

Metabolor is Speak Onion’s attempt to stake out a spot at the triple-point between noise, breakcore, and dark ambient. These six tracks full of breaks, basses, and noise screams can explode almost any party into a real goddamn mess. Coming from Queens, NY’s very own purveyor of drum’n’noise, Speak Onion, this slab of noisy goodness is his most focused material to date, settling into a dark and confrontational style that is definitively his own. Bringing broken grooves with massive basslines while noise elements stab and swirl, Meatbolor abstractly deals in images of life, its mechanics. Organic basses squelch as they are digested, beats are continually broken down and resequenced, separated and recombined. The simultaneous impossibility and inevitability of life as it exists are reflected as the final product, Metabolor, Speak Onion’s deliberate mess.

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4 06 2009
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[…] Queens-based musician Dan Abatemarco. Its latest release, Metabolor, (available as a free download here) is a full-length deluge of battered beats and sharp hooks pushed to the frayed ends of sanity. The […]

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