Immigrant Breast Nest Presents Show in Brooklyn, October 17!

15 10 2015


Immigrant Breast Nest presents. . .


Immigrant Breast Nest is throwing our biggest party of the year. We are celebrating a new cassette release from Decrepit Jaw, “World Witness,” and shooting a video for a forthcoming Speak Onion track featuring MC M.C. Bio aka Bill Pulaski (aka Will Smith of Buckshot Facelift and Artificial Brain). Show up early for the video shoot if you are truly down to party. There will be some drinks provided to everyone who shows up early to mosh on camera. After the shoot, we have a diverse array of live electronic music performances in true I.B.N. style, plus M1N0M0X DJing for true noise dance party vibes. Everything is loud, let your ears hear it.

Decrepit Jaw (new tape release)
[noise, tape manipulations]
Immigrant Breast Nest

[noise, situationalism]
Immigrant Breast Nest

Speak Onion (video shoot)
[drum’n’noise, breakcore]
Immigrant Breast Nest, Ohm Resistance

[experimental techno, soundscapes]
Blueberry Records/AY

[sacred music, dark ambient]
Auris Apothecary

[techno, noise]
Our DJ for the night

Visuals by bruzed

Saturday, October 17, 2015
(come early at 8PM for a new Speak Onion video shoot)

Bootleg Mansion
387 Sumpter Street, Brooklyn, NY


Peter Seligman live w/ Against Nature and Badman Brad at The Flat, Tuesday, 3/31, FREE!

26 03 2015


Against Nature
Peter Seligman
Badman Brad


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Flat
308 Hooper st Brooklyn, NY 11211

Resident Advisor

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)


1 12 2014

Acidrum from the Los Angeles- based drum machine virtuoso, scratch magistrate, and synthesizer guru, Baseck, is the last preview track from THE ENTERTAINMENT before the full release on December 3, 2014. It brings a heavy palette of sounds with a funky and bouncing rhythm that translates directly to physical motion in the listener. You’ll also want to be sure to catch Baseck performing live along with 8cylinder, Mysterious House, Speak Onion, Peter Seligman, Decrepit Jaw, and David Morneau on December 6 at Coco66 in Brooklyn for our THE ENTERTAINMENT release show.

We asked Baseck for some additional info about the track, music-making procedures, and approach to sound. We’ll be having mini-interviews like this with each of the contributors to THE ENTERTAINMENT.

1) Tell us a bit about your contribution to The Entertainment. Is it typical of your music? Are there any sounds/processes/elements in it that you haven’t included before? Were you trying to go for any specific listener reaction?

the track “acidrum” that i contributed to the comp was made while shuffling my feet and banging my head in my home studio. its a simple combination of some of my favorite things in music. acid bass lines, and drums! it was created in one day and performed entirely on the tempest (dave smith instruments & roger linn) drum machine/synthesizer while standing up. i wanted to get the raw feeling out as quick as possible and the energy just flowed. when i work on a track it’s usually better for me to be in that specific zone to capture that particular feeling. when i make upbeat bang your head music i’m usually writing standing up and jumping around. when i make ambient, i like to lay in bed, etc.. maybe those feelings will transfer to the listener, who knows.. when making music i don’t necessarily think about how it’s going to be perceived by other people. i’m in the moment and just dive deep into what is making me feel good. i want to be able to throw a track of mine on whenever i want and have it bring me back to that special place where i was when it was created. it’s a time capsule. i make music because i love experimenting and arranging sound frequencies. it’s a major part in what moves me in life. there’s certain combinations that just hit me in the right place and vibrate my whole being. it’s like creating my own drug and then trying it out on myself! deliciouuuuuuuuus.

2) Are you better off in your music than you are walking around in life?
the music barely stops! drum percussion/arrangements, and melodies are constantly running through my head wherever i am. i’m thankful for that. there’s some cool songs up there that only i’ll ever hear hahah. but yes, i do miss the studio when i’m away from it for a while. all the machines bring me such joy. i like a big drum machine/synth buffet to choose which way to work. learning new machines is always fun to shock your workflow and keep you on your feet. dealing with certain limitations that particular machines have is a fun challenge. i don’t make music on a computer because it doesn’t flow for me, and there’s too many options. maybe it’s something i’ll get into in the future.. 20 years ago i started djing and got really into scratching and intricate turntablism. after that was writing music on the bootleg gameboy tracker LSDJ. i was amazed how i could fit the gameboy in my pocket and create such huge sound with only 4 channels of sound. then i got into modular synths and drum machines. being hands on, patching cables, and banging on pads is something that excites me.
3) What is noise? What role does “noise” have in your work?
noise plays a huge part in my work. white noise and pink noise are very essential to the creation of my percussion.
4) Did you intentionally want to make something the listener could only speculate about, rather than be certain of?
i just freak like a freak freaks, and maybe the other freaks will freak with me.
5) What’s next for Baseck? Anything you want to tell people about?
more music releases! creation isn’t hard for me, it’s pressing record which is the hard part. i’ve been lucky enough to play shows all over the USA, Europe/UK, Japan, Mexico and beyond with only a very small amount of music out there. i’m trying to get myself in the habit of releasing now. most of my machines are maxed out with songs, then those files get backed up to the computer and forgotten about. this is something i’m trying to change. 
joy through noise and i have a project called TWIN BRAIDS. look out for releases in the future. we also have a night in los angeles called CELEBRATE EVERYTHING which is dedicated to pushing experimental electronic music live sets of internationally known artists, as well as under the radar artists who we think are mega fresh and deserve some shine. 
oh yeah, connect to my instagram. i put loads of snippets up from stuff i’m working on in the studio.
rock on rebel warriors,
We thank Baseck for the track, the upcoming performance, and the words. Find Baseck on twitter, soundcloud, instagram.
Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Immigrant Breast Nest presents THE ENTERTAINMENT Compilation and Release Party

20 11 2014



Immigrant Breast Nest is 5 years old this year. We are celebrating by doing what we do best: presenting you with wrecked sounds. This will include a 20-track compilation featuring the finest artists in broken music and a release party on December 6 in Brooklyn, NY. We’ll bring you more info on the compilation shortly, including a couple of teaser tracks, but for now, we want you to know about the release party. To celebrate our 5th year and 50th release, we have both veteran and new Immigrant Breast Nest artists lined up to perform live electronic feats for you at Coco66. Coco66 is where Immigrant Breast Nest was launched, and we’re back up on that mammoth sound system to help expand your sonic landscape. Be there and celebrate with us.

Immigrant Breast Nest presents THE ENTERTAINMENT Release Party and 5-year Anniversary

Mysterious House
Speak Onion
Peter Seligman
Decrepit Jaw
David Morneau

66 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturday, December 6, 2014 10PM – 4AM



Speak Onion live at EMF6 Sunday, Sept. 28 at Silent Barn in Brooklyn

22 09 2014


Pas Musique and Alrealon Musique will bring you 5 days of audio/video experimentation.,

Sunday Night’s program at Silent  Barn includes Speak Onion at 10PM.

Sunday, September, 28th at Silent Barn
Curated by Phillipe Gerber (JOHN 3:16, Heat From a Dead Star)

1) Tribes of Medusa 8:00-8:30

2) Black Saturn 8:45-9:15

3) Big Plastic Finger 9:30-10:00

4) Speak Onion 10:15-10:45

5) Din Machine 11:00-11:30

6) Alap Momin 11:45-12:15

7) mNIPK 12:45-1:15


Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Avenue
NY, 11206


SAVE THE DATE: enn{kdog at PUFFERSS Festival 9/20/14

13 08 2014

enn{kdog at PUFFERSS

enn{kdog at PUFFERSS

You can see and hear enn{kdog perform live Saturday, September 20 in the parking lot of 230 Oak St. – Olneyville, Providence RI.

enn{kdog: alive. Enjoy this recording of their set from February. It does the move. It finalizes the draft ten thousand times:

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Ñaka Ñaka, Mysterious House, Peter Seligman, Andy Borsz, Dimensions at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn July 29

2 07 2014



Peter Seligman and Mysterious House appear with other experimental luminaries at this show, Tuesday, July 29, 2014 in Brooklyn at Muchmore’s.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

2 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY 11211


Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)




enn{kdog and Speak Onion at Circuit Bridges

20 06 2014


Latest in the Circuit Bridges series curated by David Morneau includes live performances from Speak Onion and enn{kdog.

Circuit Bridges no.5: From Sitting to Standing

From Sitting to Standing will present music in both a traditional concert hall setting (where the audience is seated) and in a underground music club setting (where the audience is standing). The audience will move between different rooms in the gallery at specific points in the show to transition between the concert hall and music club settings.

This concert will feature performances by two artists from Immigrant Breast Nest: Speak Onion and enn{kdog (James Mercer and Peter Seligman)

Featuring music by:
Alessandro Perini
Francesco Maggio
Keith Patchel
Mitchell Herrmann
Jerod Sommerfeldt
Juan Carlos Vasquez
Gilad Cohen

dance by:
Julie Fotheringham

Come at 7:30 for a pre-show listening party featuring I.B.N. tracks curated by David B. Applegate.

Follow signs for Gallery MC to find the freight elevator and ride up to hear the music.

Admission $10

redHat, Peter Seligman, Speak Onion, more at Fontana’s on May 25

18 05 2014



Resident Advisor:

//////breakcore/footwork/experimental/holiday music


redHat (Psy.Fi, Dynamix Records, 18+, Immigrant Breast Nest | Philadelphia)

Tripletrain djs (Teklife | NYC)

Statas (NRFT | Philadelphia)

Peter Seligman (Auralism, Immigrant Breast Nest | NYC)

Speak Onion (Immigrant Breast Nest, Barcore | NYC) + visuals by Bruzed

Compactor (Industrial Strength Records | NYC)

Body Building (International Winners | NYC)

Sunday, May 25, 10PM
Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge Street, Manhattan

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

enn{kdog w/ KHF, Snaykhunt, Surf Hair, Decrepit Jaw in Brooklyn, May 20

18 04 2014



absolute sounds for indefinite animal5458939nfh98c43734:

\ KHF \\\\\

// Snaykhunt ////

/// enn{kdog ///

//// Surf Hair //

\\\\\ Decrepit Jaw \
no link

May 20, 2014
doors at 8, music 8:30


2 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211



merch available from the artists

May 20 is a Tuesday