Last night’s IBN launch party. . .

5 04 2009

was spectacular!!

It couldn’t possibly have gone better. Everyone on the bill stepped way up and brought their A-game. The tough thing now is to make every day of IBN’s existence as completely awesome as the first. We’ll be working on that.

In the Visuals section, you can find videos of David B. Applegate and Speak Onion and pics from the night. Relive the magic, or catch up on it if you missed it.

Thanks a milli to bros, Rokhausen and Xrin Arms for being out to celebrate with the IBN crew, and really representing hard. And total shoutouts to Julio and Coco66 for giving us a venue with a sound system and light show that was blown out enough to handle all the amazingness that IBN has to offer. And especially thanks to everyone who came to the show and banged out with us.

What an awesome way to kick this all off, and get ready for lots more from IBN. Believe that.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Immigrant Breast Nest Launch Party!! April 4, 2009, Brooklyn, NY!!

30 03 2009

We’ll be celebrating the launch of Immigrant Breast Nest and the release of our first 6 releases with a sweet FREE show on Saturday, April 4 at Coco66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Yeah! It’s going to be amazing, with sets from IBN artists Speak Onion and David B. Applegate (Magical Penis Thief and Headless Nameless). We’ll also have CDs available of Thermometerometer’s Who measures the measurers (IBN001) and Speak Onion’s Metabolor (IBN002).

We’re incredibly lucky and happy to be joined by great friends, Xrin Arms and Rokhausen. The night will be full of truly incredible sets, so definitely try to come out. Check out the flyer for the details. See you all there!


Decanting The Bloodwhore- Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients

30 03 2009


Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients is the only Decanting The Bloodwhore recording known to have been unearthed to date. The hateful members of the band would surely vow murder upon us for releasing it and any who hear the sounds it contains. So while we at Immigrant Breast Nest hesitate to bring this supremely disgusting record to light, and do so at our own peril, it is clear that this horrid form of black metal must be exposed, no matter the consequences.

The extreme darkness of Decanting The Bloodwhore’s music is sure to result in horrible madness in many who hear it, but the power of these tracks cannot be denied. These tracks writhe and squirm, imbued with an eternity of rotten misanthropy, only to explode with maddening fury. It is unlikely that black metal has ever been so truly grymmn as the blasts and dirges found herein. You will likely find yourself suffocating in the claustrophobic riffs and pummeled by immense drums, while the vocals fester and ooze hatred into your very being. Decanting The Bloodwhore will have their vengeance one way or another.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Thermometerometer- In the furniture factory

30 03 2009


Amid clouds of sawdust, Thermometerometer recorded these four tracks live in a Queens, NY furniture factory. Inspired by the skeletal rows of unfinished furniture & the constant urban clatter pouring in from the street, T-MOM explores a more experimental zone: dust-covered squelches & throbs, drones & screams resonating throughout the immense space. Thermometerometer captures the life of the factory and lays it at your feet.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Headless Nameless- Lowlight Encampment

30 03 2009


Inspired by the first stirrings of industrial music, Jamaican dub, and contemporary glitch styles, Headless Nameless presents this debut E.P., Lowlight Encampment. Dark dubs as soundtrack for chasing the dragon. Primitive electronics bent and broken into unfamiliar shapes. Bass thump punching into animal yowl. Old & dirty with a fresh step nonetheless.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Magical Penis Thief- A rabbit pooped in his arms

30 03 2009


Magical Penis Thief’s debut E.P., A rabbit pooped in his arms, cobbles together a bevy of electronic instruments and effects units to create a strange form of sonic juju. The conjured sounds function as familiars: 8-bit aliens, ghosts hiding inside square-waves, robotic gnomes. Rhythms appear & disintegrate, each one populated by its own host of spirits. Magical Penis Thief brings new life to old sounds and pink drinks to new sounds. Enjoy!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion- Metabolor

30 03 2009


Metabolor is Speak Onion’s attempt to stake out a spot at the triple-point between noise, breakcore, and dark ambient. These 6 tracks full of breaks, basses, and noise screams can explode almost any party into a real goddamn mess. Coming from Queens, NY’s very own purveyor of drum’n’noise, Speak Onion, this slab of noisy goodness is his most focused material to date, settling into a dark and confrontational style that is definitively his own. Bringing broken grooves with massive basslines while noise elements stab and swirl, Meatbolor abstractly deals in images of life its mechanics. Organic basses squelch as they are digested, and beats are continually broken down and resequenced, separated and recombined. The simultaneous impossibility and inevitability of life as it exists are reflected as the final product, Metabolor, Speak Onion’s deliberate mess.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immmigrant Breast Nest)

Thermometerometer- Who measures the measurers?

30 03 2009


Thermometerometer gets shapes. All kinds of shapes. Immigrant Breast Nest brings their first release, Who measures the measurers, to you, all full up with the kind of shapes that make you scratch your head or do a dance. If you looked at it through a giant microscope, you would see some doom shapes and get a disease! Drones, bonks, throbs, flips, slaps, and screams propel this record onward, or sometimes backwards. Along the way, Thermometerometer poke and prod inside some sounds looking for the next noise or beat that will fit into their messy basket. They are building one thing out of another thing. From the driving hard rhythms of Centrifuge Party to the abstract noise of Trapezoid at best and the drone screams of Dunejam, T-MOM are tossing out some weird junk for your ears.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)