Village Voice feature on Speak Onion. They know what’s good.

10 02 2010

The Village Voice is hip to NYC’s boss of drum’n’noise. The feature includes some insight into what the hell Speak Onion is on about, a review of Trigger Pusher, and some background on I.B.N. They said, among other glowing praise:

“Only the Floor Is Rotten” may teem with enough nasty, pixilated bass synthesizers and stuttered tripwire breakbeats to satiate a dozen warehouses packed full of revelers, but the relentless waves of twinkling keyboard figures underneath all that havoc come bearing cosmic melodic gifts. “The Last Thing You Remember,” meanwhile, pushes the noise-as-bracing-assault envelope with a fuck-you intensity, mashing reams of hyperventilating wavelength chirp together with evil-algorithm, bit-crush malevolence.”

Yeah, that’s about right.

So grab the Village Voice this week to get a piece of Immigrant Breast Nest history! And stay tuned for future Speak Onion news, including the upcoming show on 3/14 at The Charleston in Williamsburg and the upcoming split release with Xrin Arms!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Some video from Sat. at Coco66!

8 02 2010

Saturday was a monster party, as you might have guessed. Stank funk bludgeoned by relentless hardcore morphing into mad science blips all ruined by noisy breaks. Typical of us at I.B.N. Thanks a billion to Naetron, Insect Deli, Joy Through Noise, and Coco66 for the killer PA.

Check out some videos!

Insect Deli really murdered everything in the world. Here’s a taste:

And Speak Onion did the usual insane ruckus. Seeing is believing:

And check out this later portion of the set, including post-set dance moves (for the ladies). What are those samples he’s dropping in there? Sounds like tru necro kvlt black metal grymness, right? Well, I’ve said too much.

This is what an I.B.N. party is like. Just so you know. Stay tuned for more!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Thermometerometer- Overcoming Adversity City, Digital Leak!

12 11 2009


We are rewarding, you, the Immigrant Breast Nest faithful, with the first access to the brand-newest Thermometerometer styles, in digital form, before the CDs are even ready to print. Get down on it.

Thermometerometer returns with Overcoming Adversity City, a nightmare romp through the cracked prisms of doom metal, electronic improvisation, tricked-out beats, and the good, old-fashioned weirdness for which they’re best known. After spending its earliest days getting shapes, Thermometerometer has now begun to break them down into micro-shapes and colored dust from which they form the crayons responsible for drawing these seven slabs of electrified sonic abstraction. Need an edgy doom fix? Hear Seventeen Million Dollar Block and Arcane Arabic Soccer Magick. Want some bombed out spastic bass & drum machine abuse? Please enjoy Total Breakdance Society and Ironic Ethnicity City. Or, if you’re inclined toward digital wrecks & noisy eclectic beat disruptions, check out Ticking Amazing and Mad Derelict. No matter where your mind wanders on the spectrum of fresh electronic sounds, T-MOM is there with something you’ve not yet imagined.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

a/break machinations release party!

26 10 2009


Immigrant Breast Nest is proud to present this party in honor of our upcoming release, “a/break machinations,” a deconstructed break-beat odyssey by David Morneau. We’re giving this record a massive debut at Hellgate Social in Astoria, Queens 11/10/09. You haven’t heard “a/break” yet, but I have, and I’m telling you it’s hot, so you’d do well to attend & become one with the tasty break-beat action. And to all the haters who keep insisting I don’t exist: what’s up now!? I’ll be your DJ for the night spinning crazy stuff from the IBN catalog & other choice catalogs. Begin preparing your mind to accept these fresh shapes now & we’ll see you in November.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

New Thermometerometer record on its way!

25 10 2009

Watch this space!  A new Thermometerometer joint, “Overcoming adversity city,” will be dropping from the back real soon.  Delayed because Dan broke his foot in a pot-hole and needed to focus on trip-hop for a while, Thermometerometer is now in the final stages of the process which results in your having brand new electro-spew to cram in your ear-holes.  “Overcoming adversity city” has the hot tracks!  It has the hot beats & wrecked bass noise!  It is swaggering!  Famous people who have heard it already say it could very well be the newest Thermometerometer record ever!  GET READY.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

FREE Immigrant Breast Nest Party on 10/23 in W’burg! CANCELLED

8 10 2009


Yes, yes, y’all. I.B.N. will be raging hard on Friday, October 23 at Legion in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Full on avant noise weirdness and blown out electronic blastitudes all night. That’s the I.B.N. promise! Come out and see what we have to show you.


Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

I.B.N. artists’ work in Wobbling Roof magazine

2 10 2009

Check out the new web-based multimedia arts magazine published by good friends Dead Language Records, Wobbling Roof Magazine. It is packed to the brim with writing, audio, music, and photography for you to wrap your brains around. It is even co-curated by our own David B. Applegate! Included in this inaugural issue are exclusive tracks by David B. Applegate and Speak Onion. Go get it!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion with Mavis Concave, Xrin Arms, more for FREE!!

31 08 2009

This will be another epic Broad Channel house show. Also, our very own, Speak Onion, is getting hitched to a nice lady the following weekend, and this is his last big night of sweaty bachelor noise fun (although knowing him, there will be no drop-off in sweat, noise, or fun). Add in parter-in-crime, Xrin Arms, and the devestating styles of Mavis Concave and S.A.W., and this will be a night to remember. Be there.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

New Videos of Speak Onion at the John Balance Festival Last Week!

28 08 2009

Hey, there’s new videos of Speak Onion playing at the John Balance Electronic Music Festival available in the Visuals section. The videos are the most clear out of any Speak Onion videos we’ve uploaded so far. You can pretty much see everything he’s doing in case you’re wondering what the hell is going on in that mysterios box of noise. Enjoy!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Tons of pics from last night’s blow-out (and a vid)-

2 08 2009
7-31-09 Show at Coco66