Village Voice feature on Speak Onion. They know what’s good.

10 02 2010

The Village Voice is hip to NYC’s boss of drum’n’noise. The feature includes some insight into what the hell Speak Onion is on about, a review of Trigger Pusher, and some background on I.B.N. They said, among other glowing praise:

“Only the Floor Is Rotten” may teem with enough nasty, pixilated bass synthesizers and stuttered tripwire breakbeats to satiate a dozen warehouses packed full of revelers, but the relentless waves of twinkling keyboard figures underneath all that havoc come bearing cosmic melodic gifts. “The Last Thing You Remember,” meanwhile, pushes the noise-as-bracing-assault envelope with a fuck-you intensity, mashing reams of hyperventilating wavelength chirp together with evil-algorithm, bit-crush malevolence.”

Yeah, that’s about right.

So grab the Village Voice this week to get a piece of Immigrant Breast Nest history! And stay tuned for future Speak Onion news, including the upcoming show on 3/14 at The Charleston in Williamsburg and the upcoming split release with Xrin Arms!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)