Download IBN010: Thermometerometer- Overcoming Adversity City

1. Paste Machine
2. Total Breakdance Society
3. Seventeen Million Dollar Block
4. Ticking Amazing
5. Ironic Ethnicity City
6. Mad Derelict
7. Arcane Arabic Soccer Magick

Thermometerometer returns with Overcoming Adversity City, a nightmare romp through the cracked prisms of doom metal, electronic improvisation, tricked-out beats, and the good, old-fashioned weirdness for which they’re best known. After spending its earliest days getting shapes, Thermometerometer has now begun to break them down into micro-shapes and colored dust from which they form the crayons responsible for drawing these seven slabs of electrified sonic abstraction. Need an edgy doom fix? Hear Seventeen Million Dollar Block and Arcane Arabic Soccer Magick. Want some bombed out spastic bass & drum machine abuse? Please enjoy Total Breakdance Society and Ironic Ethnicity City. Or, if you’re inclined toward digital wrecks & noisy eclectic beat disruptions, check out Ticking Amazing and Mad Derelict. No matter where your mind wanders on the spectrum of fresh electronic sounds, T-MOM is there with something you’ve not yet imagined.

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