Immigrant Breast Nest presents THE ENTERTAINMENT Compilation and Release Party

20 11 2014



Immigrant Breast Nest is 5 years old this year. We are celebrating by doing what we do best: presenting you with wrecked sounds. This will include a 20-track compilation featuring the finest artists in broken music and a release party on December 6 in Brooklyn, NY. We’ll bring you more info on the compilation shortly, including a couple of teaser tracks, but for now, we want you to know about the release party. To celebrate our 5th year and 50th release, we have both veteran and new Immigrant Breast Nest artists lined up to perform live electronic feats for you at Coco66. Coco66 is where Immigrant Breast Nest was launched, and we’re back up on that mammoth sound system to help expand your sonic landscape. Be there and celebrate with us.

Immigrant Breast Nest presents THE ENTERTAINMENT Release Party and 5-year Anniversary

Mysterious House
Speak Onion
Peter Seligman
Decrepit Jaw
David Morneau

66 Greenpoint Avenue
Saturday, December 6, 2014 10PM – 4AM



New EP from lilienfeld out now!

6 11 2014

Acid strips the flesh from a skeleton but something still breathes through the bones. “Depletion,” then, “Composition.” A boombox pumping at the intersection of Squelch and Noise attracts a mob. That’s us, drawn in by the sounds on lilienfeld’s first Immigrant Breast Nest EP.


Speak Onion remix on new Bruzed EP

31 10 2014

Bruzed, longtime collaborator with our own Speak Onion on visuals, has released a new EP, Animus Apparatus. It’s in the industrial rock/metal vein a la 90s Gary Numan, NIN, etc. and it’s extremely well written and produced. The EP features a remix from Speak Onion, getting hyper edited on all the guitars, vox, and beats. Not to be missed.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion- “In Your Master’s House” Available Now

7 04 2014

Speak Onion’s In Your Master’s House turns the intensity up even further with two new tracks spanning 18+ minutes and incorporating myriad dark and distorted sonic forms. The title track features Mercy Choir’s Paul Belbusti (a frequent collaborator with Speak Onion) whose haunting vocals contort through splintered rhythms. “Poison Beggars” lays resonating melodic figures over Speak Onion’s cutthroat approach to breakcore. There are no smiles and no fun to be had, only life-ruining bass and breaks so fucked up you’ll wish you could unhear them (but you can’t).

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion Remixes Sir.Vixx on Monster Remix Collection from Peace Off

18 03 2014

Speak Onion delivers a dark as fuck remix of Sir.Vixx‘s extremely efficient breakcore banger, I Want Him Dead from the EP of the same name. The remix exposes the darkness and misanthropy somewhere below the bravado of the original. This comes with 23 other remixes from current luminaries in breakcore and other brutal electronic styles, all free courtesy of Peace Off.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Genus Inkasso – “Under Seals Broken By The Lean Solicitor” Available Now

12 03 2014

Under Seals Broken By The Lean Solicitor, Genus Inkasso’s first release for Immigrant Breast Nest, sandwiches a twenty minute suite of surrealist acousmaticism between two certified breakcore bangers. This release is for anyone curious to hear what it sounds like when breakcore gets broken and leaks. The puddle doesn’t spread, it proliferates; these tracks don’t showcase a scene, they expose a whole ecosystem.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Speak Onion Remix of p.Wrecks’ “Invitation” and Live Set on Deep Hard N Fakecore

25 01 2014


p.Wrecks has released a brilliant new album, Invertebrate, Ammunition, Reflux and SPOILER ALERT: the secret track is Speak Onion’s remix of the opening track, Invitation. The dysfunctional drum choppage and cold atmosphere of drum’n’noise set a harsh background for p.Wrecks’ sharp rhymes. Stream the remix on Soundcloud (above), and download the whole album to hear it!

Speak Onion has also provided a live set to the January edition of the Deep Hard N Fakecore radio show from New Zealand. The show also included short live sets or mixes from other hard electronic music luminaries including Christoph de Babalon, Gore Tech, Igorrr, FFF, Passenger of Shit, and Audioslut. Stream or download the whole show from the Deep Hard N Fakecore bandcamp (above)!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

“The Stairwell” from Mysterious House Available Now

11 12 2013


The Stairwell addresses the head, the guts, and the crotch. Even during passages of hyper-glitched digital abuse, the record exudes an absurd tenderness marking it as the product of a living human meant for human senses. Mysterious House employs an astounding creativity. Here, “the stairwell” is not something that goes up and down but something capable of transport in limitless directions.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

Live Video and Audio Plus New Remix for Charity from Speak Onion

26 11 2013

Speak Onion: Tiger Fight LIVE at Super Collider II from Matt Mangigs on Vimeo.

Plenty of Speak Onion news right now. First, Matt Mangigs shot two amazing live videos with full quality sound for Tiger Fight (remix) and 51 States at the Super Collider II party in Philadelphia. This is definitely the closest you’ll get to being there from the comfort of your own screen.

Wait, Tiger Fight (remix)? Yes, that’s a new drum’n’noise remix of the Tiger Fight from Speak Onion & Mercy Choir’s Victoria EP. And it’s just been released on Somatic Responses’ new compilation Photon Collisions benefitting charities for cancer research and child abuse prevention. This compilation is packed with nearly 4 hours of all of the most interesting current underground electronic music of all genres. Tons of great music for a great cause, so there’s every reason to download and enjoy.

And one last item, Speak Onion’s full live set from Barcore in New York City is available for streaming and download.


Enjoy all the fine new Speak Onion material and keep an eye out for Speak Onion live dates in a city near you.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)

David B. Applegate’s “Membrane” is here now.

20 11 2013

Welcome to “Membrane” by David B. Applegate. The boundary between two spaces, a membrane can shiver, explode, and reform; this one does. An invocation of the biological edging into the electric, face and interface, the brain and “Membrane.”

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)