Live Video and Audio Plus New Remix for Charity from Speak Onion

26 11 2013

Speak Onion: Tiger Fight LIVE at Super Collider II from Matt Mangigs on Vimeo.

Plenty of Speak Onion news right now. First, Matt Mangigs shot two amazing live videos with full quality sound for Tiger Fight (remix) and 51 States at the Super Collider II party in Philadelphia. This is definitely the closest you’ll get to being there from the comfort of your own screen.

Wait, Tiger Fight (remix)? Yes, that’s a new drum’n’noise remix of the Tiger Fight from Speak Onion & Mercy Choir’s Victoria EP. And it’s just been released on Somatic Responses’ new compilation Photon Collisions benefitting charities for cancer research and child abuse prevention. This compilation is packed with nearly 4 hours of all of the most interesting current underground electronic music of all genres. Tons of great music for a great cause, so there’s every reason to download and enjoy.

And one last item, Speak Onion’s full live set from Barcore in New York City is available for streaming and download.


Enjoy all the fine new Speak Onion material and keep an eye out for Speak Onion live dates in a city near you.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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