Speak Onion Remix of p.Wrecks’ “Invitation” and Live Set on Deep Hard N Fakecore

25 01 2014


p.Wrecks has released a brilliant new album, Invertebrate, Ammunition, Reflux and SPOILER ALERT: the secret track is Speak Onion’s remix of the opening track, Invitation. The dysfunctional drum choppage and cold atmosphere of drum’n’noise set a harsh background for p.Wrecks’ sharp rhymes. Stream the remix on Soundcloud (above), and download the whole album to hear it!

Speak Onion has also provided a live set to the January edition of the Deep Hard N Fakecore radio show from New Zealand. The show also included short live sets or mixes from other hard electronic music luminaries including Christoph de Babalon, Gore Tech, Igorrr, FFF, Passenger of Shit, and Audioslut. Stream or download the whole show from the Deep Hard N Fakecore bandcamp (above)!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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