Speak Onion’s Metabolor Reviewed in Regen Magazine

22 01 2010

Regen magazine recently posted a review of Speak Onion’s Metabolor (IBN002). Check out the review here. Regen says of Metabolor,

“For these brave few that seek out breakcore for their listening enjoyment, Speak Onion is the man for the job. Blending the intricacies of breakcore with the sheer power of noise, Metabolor is perfect for the breakcore fanatic,”


“Speak Onion brings forth gunfire drums and imminent doom with his music,”


“…but those well-versed in the genre [breakcore] will find Speak Onion a strong player in the field.”

among other fantastically positive things. We are not surprised. Speak Onion is the boss of NYC drum’n’noise and he doesn’t stop at Metabolor, recently having dropped Trigger Pusher on us, and with Snow Braid— a split with Xrin Arms— about to drop, the madness continues.

So grab Metabolor and Trigger Pusher and catch Speak Onion playing for free at Coco66 next month to see what this is all about.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest).



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