Some news and some upcoming releases.

9 12 2009

First off, we have new releases from Speak Onion and David B Applegate coming this month! Just getting the mastering done. Speak Onion’s “Trigger Pusher” is an EP of 2 looooong tracks capturing the bonkers live energy he’s been bringing to the stage of late, and David B. Applegate’s “King Of The Campus” is a full length bursting with sklatter, BOOM, and blOOr for days. Get excited. Any minute now. Check out the artwork.



Also, check out Speak Onion’s new website design, and find him on Twitter. You can expect him to be hollering about breakbeats, fish, beards, eating, and maybe Nord synthesizers or whatever the fuck that dude is ever talking about.

Also, did you find me on facebook yet? I didn’t!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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