New Speak Onion and David B. Applegate records released!!

22 12 2009

Make some room on your iPod because I.B.N. is about to drop two more zipped up satchels of fresh beats & noises. Close out 2009 with this incomparable & incomprehensible 1-2 punch from Speak Onion & David B. Applegate. Speak Onion returns with the mind-bending “Trigger Pusher” E.P. in hand, guaranteed to flip your wig if you wear one or blow all the hairs off your head if you don’t. David B. Applegate strikes from the back with “King of the Campus,” & will have you inventing multi-hyphenated genre names, coming up with metaphors & reprogramming your ear circuitry with invisible tools. Are you hungry for breakbeats whistling through a decrepit cityscape!? Does your mouth water for scrambled rhythms shattering signals into noise!? Can you eat that!? Open wide & let us push these epics into the mouth of your ear! This isn’t a warning or a promise, it’s a law written on a rock buried in an empty lot.

Click the covers to get to the download pages.



Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast nest)



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