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I am David B. Applegate.  You & I are both here at Immigrant Breast Nest because we know what is good regarding electronic music at the turn of the decade.

No single style or sub-genre should dominate our listening and we should never be bored.  I’m sure you’ll agree doing the same exact thing over and over again can get boring.  That’s why we here at the David B. Applegate artist page advocate creations which pop off from several directions at once, celebrating multiplicity and divergence while maintaining a coherent overall aesthetic.

From the abstract electronic destruction of Thermometerometer (that’s an insane experimental duo featuring myself and Dan “Speak Onion” Abatemarco) to the porch techno rumblings of Blind Moany Wat to the latest and greatest ruckus of King of the Campus (crooked no-wave techno freaks & squeaks), I promise to provide you with nothing but the freshest, strangest, most squawking skronk-electro in the 11211 area code and a great many other area codes both inside and outside of America.

Please enjoy the music!

Your friend,

David B. Applegate

IBN Releases

Magical Penis Thief – A rabbit pooped in his arms (2009)
Headless Nameless – Lowlight Encampment (2009)
Blind Moany Wat – Blind Moany Wat (2009)
David B. Applegate – King of the Campus (2009)
Remixing The Bloodwhore (2010)
Blind Moany Wat – No outside force can harm the coyote (2010)
David B. Applegate – Index of bad companions (2011)


Bad Noise Productions

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