Download IBN008: Blind Moany Wat- Blind Moany Wat

2. Millwork
3. Hanging, featuring Jim Kaznosky
4. Thruk + Splek
5. Butterfly effect
6. Creaky, warped, featuring Christopher Trull

Blind Moany Wat is a porch techno project from David B. Applegate. Track 3, “Hanging,” features Jim Kaznosky of Miss Ohio on guitar & track 6, “Creaky, warped,” features Christopher Trull on the same.

Herein, you’ll find the finest dirt dog tech-step juju. Herein, you’ll get lost in the wooden maze & find the orb at the center.

Traveling through time is exhausting, but you’ll be rewarded through hearing these tracks born from lap-steel clang, oscillator smash & bass-drum batter.

Never has techno music danced so far from the club. This techno was created & exists for the porch. Embodying the spirit of experimentation, Blind Moany Wat includes elements of doom, noise, folk-tech splat, bass warble & tremolo.

Please listen at top volume while enjoying your afternoon bourbon outside.

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