enn{kdog and Speak Onion at Circuit Bridges

20 06 2014


Latest in the Circuit Bridges series curated by David Morneau includes live performances from Speak Onion and enn{kdog.

Circuit Bridges no.5: From Sitting to Standing

From Sitting to Standing will present music in both a traditional concert hall setting (where the audience is seated) and in a underground music club setting (where the audience is standing). The audience will move between different rooms in the gallery at specific points in the show to transition between the concert hall and music club settings.

This concert will feature performances by two artists from Immigrant Breast Nest: Speak Onion and enn{kdog (James Mercer and Peter Seligman)

Featuring music by:
Alessandro Perini
Francesco Maggio
Keith Patchel
Mitchell Herrmann
Jerod Sommerfeldt
Juan Carlos Vasquez
Gilad Cohen

dance by:
Julie Fotheringham

Come at 7:30 for a pre-show listening party featuring I.B.N. tracks curated by David B. Applegate.

Follow signs for Gallery MC to find the freight elevator and ride up to hear the music.

Admission $10



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