Thermometerometer: Oceanjam 2k9

29 05 2009

I had the gentlemen from Thermometerometer out to my mansion in the Hamptons over Memorial Day Weekend so I could executive-produce one of their battery-powered outdoor jams.

Dan arrived armed with a contact mic’d football to throw in the ocean & a laptop full of mad FX to process the signal. David carted a supernaturally powerful Orange speaker, a strange oscillator from Britain & a delay pedal which allowed him to manipulate the fabric of time itself.

Gale force winds buffeted us at the ocean’s edge & the football refused to stay tethered in the breakers. Meanwhile, the contact mic was picking up more hurricane-whipped sand than ocean. Undaunted by the adverse conditions of the experiment, Thermometerometer recorded until the battery in the laptop died. I present you the audio document of this experiment not because of its perfection, but because it’s interesting to hear what can happen when two weirdos with a handful of electronic instruments try to wrangle the elements into some form resembling ‘music.’

Listen here.

The next day the wind continued & instead of making another attempt at recording the ocean, I had T-MOM set up in my little sister’s bedroom. Inspired by the spirit of Lil’ Miss Tibs, they recorded two truly sick bedroom jams. It quickly became apparent that bedroom jams had become droom jams, doom jams & finally Dume Jams. Keep an eye on this page for those massive tracks – I plan to release them as part of a Thermometerometer E.P. in the very near future.

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)