Latest B’ak’tun Waning track from Joy Through Noise and new I.B.N. web stuff!

21 05 2012

Joy Through Noise bangs the latest apocalyptic industrial through your speakers with May’s installment of B’ak’tun Waning, Saturn. Grinding rhythms, scalding noise blasts, and deep bass remind you that the apocalypse isn’t pretty, although it can be a lot of fun. Get it from our new bandcamp page:

Oh, yes, you may have noticed that we’ve moved all our releases to bandcamp and that now points to the releases! All of your Immigrant Breast Nest favorites are there and we look forward to putting up a ton more great music for you. Preview the entire I.B.N. catalog, download it, listen to it on the bus. And then there’s this page, which is the blog/news area. You can navigate between the two using the handy header at the top. Releases–>bandcamp. Blog–>blog. You’ll get the hang of it, don’t worry. And if you don’t, it’s ok, the world will be over in a few short months anyway.

Derek Tibs (CEO. Immigrant Breast Nest)