Download IBN025: David B. Applegate- Index of bad companions

1. Bird mushroom meadow
2. Myself when I am a cartoon
3. Cartoon on three drugs
4. Becoming cartoons
5. The dead sign of currency
6. LOOK OUT (millions of colors)
7. Myself when I am two cartoons

Brooklyn-based sound wrecker David B. Applegate returns with Index of Bad Companions. These seven mutilated tracks eliminate techno’s map; damaged waveforms and deranged rhythms slip on and off the grid tugging the edges of electronic music’s mouth into a demented smile. Inspired equally by the surreal elasticity of Saturday morning cartoons and the unconstrained energy of free jazz, this record punches a hole in the fabric of the everyday to reveal a world distorted and distended into mutant sound-shapes spewing a unique flavor of multi-hued ruckus.

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