Download IBN023: Mysterious House- In The Woods House

1. the mouth
2. AirMax corporate retreat sucks
3. evil sand – Silver Edition
4. some stone and a museum of steam2
5. people clothes room
6. not only an assesment tool, it’s also a way to create winners and losers
7. some computers
8. wish2
9. something
10. Super Foot Reverb Machine
11. You Too and Me Who?
12. pinks

Volatile digital experimentalist Mysterious House makes his I.B.N. debut with In The Woods House.  Sculpting a brain-shattering array of sonics from monstrous commotion, this work transforms the paradigms of electronic music into a new form of digital insanity.  Whether toying with I.D.M. inflected beat madness or exploring the outer realms of completely freaked noise, In The Woods House transmutes experimental music into a tentacled beast seeking ears to demolish.

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