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Speak Onion
1. 51 States
2. Maroon Pinka
3. Where In Winter We Slept
Joy Through Noise
4. Alienizer
5. Krypton
6. Inaudible Glacier
7. Where In Winter We Slept (Icy Bliss remix)
8. Alienizer (No Sun Ever remix)

Entangled Fields tunnels into the mantle of rough electronics, spewing magma in all directions, taking two different paths toward a single crushing vision. Blasted to bits or swallowed up whole, every sound is endlessly collapsed and restored. Speak Onion continues to stress and strain breakbeats beneath bursts of harsh noise and creepy melody, while Joy Through Noise builds rhythms of immense tectonic force wrapped in warm ambiance. All the wreckage has solidified into these eight pressure-packed tracks that are sure to haunt ears and brains– but it’s less wispy ghost and more exploding volcano.

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