Download IBN021: Speak Onion w/ Mercy Choir- Victoria

1. Asylum Blues #5
2. Hunched Over Man
3. Tiger Fight
4. Victoria
5. March Of The Pigs

Two bodies of water feeding and flowing into a larger mass. The Hudson River meeting the East or maybe somewhere out on the Long Island Sound. Speak Onion, aka Dan Abatemarco, – the Queens, NY  boss of drum’n’noise – and Mercy Choir, aka Paul Belbusti, – New York City psychedelic folk chameleon – are two startlingly independent and distinct voices in underground music. Victoria, the follow-up to 2009’s Symposia, sees both artists once again dredging up urgent and inventive sounds. Speak Onion & Mercy Choir’s Victoria is the sound of mutual respect, camaraderie, experimentation, and inspiration.

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