Download IBN020: Thermometerometer- Om Eater

1. Beefy Flipside
3. B Dub Licks
4. Angle of Ramps
5. A Short History of Bad Welds
6. Nippy Whelks
7. T-MOM Captures the Bossy Hippie in Deep Queens
8. Mysterium Coniunctionis

Thermometerometer’s third full length release Om Eater finds the duo of David B. Applegate and Speak Onion’s Dan Abatemarco glitching and grinding through eight multifarious slabs of raucous doom-inflected electronics. Distortion studded beats pummel against the cracked edges of a believable arsenal of mutant electric bass tones. From the drone and bash of Beefy Flipside to the ritualistic feedback spasms of Mysterium Coniunctionis, Om Eater refuses to sit still, devouring the center to leave you with a shape that is nothing but edges.

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24 01 2011

Really digging Mysterium Coniunctionis, sounds like taking a leisurely stroll down below the post apocalyptic power stations.

25 01 2011
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