Download IBN018: Blind Moany Wat- No outside force can harm the coyote

1. Warp deposit
2. Manchur’s balance
3. Procession of the threshers
4. Gore snud
5. Rotary dozer
6. The ale jug is empty

Blind Moany Wat returns with No outside force can harm the coyote.

A gritty blur of lap-steel scrape, warped bass and synthesized smear, No outside force… comes from the porch of a dilapidated house at the edge of a ruined world. The tools are rusted and the sky is bruised. A crow steals guitar strings for its nest. Angry insects infest the synthesizers and a mouse died inside the drum machine some time ago. These tracks are its elegy.

Blind Moany Wat infuses techno with a ragged bleakness, bursts of noise abuse lonely drums while a broken guitar raises a clangor in protest. A slow parade around a decaying center, these tracks invite you to explore a unique zone of sound where electronic precision collapses into a mutating heap emitting haggard ruckus.

Take your jug of ale outside and listen while fall eats into summer.

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