Download IBN016: Inconclusive Whale Autopsy- Inconclusive Whale Autopsy

1. Hamburger face puzzle
2. loveable, abrasive
3. Doppler 5K
4. Frasier theme song
5. Clarence Boddicker
6. undersugar the overcoffee
7. Hotteeth
8. head the head

Inconclusive Whale Autopsy doesn’t have patience for pussyfooting around. The mission is gut, get, grab, and bail. The results are often messy, and that’s ultimately for the best. Quick bursts of energy from the left field of another dimension leave you bewildered and covered in incredibly wet ambergris. By the time you realize you’ve been drenched, Inconclusive Whale Autopsy has already moved on to fuck up more brains.

Created by vocalist/samplist J Visentin with production and backing from Dan Abatemarco (a.k.a. Speak Onion), Inconclusive Whale Autopsy brings an unlikely and unrealistic form of post-modern grindcore and smears it all over everything. Having previously played together in the quasi-experimental grindcore outfit, Neurolytic Collapse, these two have plenty of experience in maximum volume exploits. J’s animalistic growls and explosive shrieks form a centerpiece surrounded by Dan’s synthetic and thundering bass, unsettling samples, and a meteor shower of the heaviest drums beating everything down. Efficiency is paramount, with build-ups, climaxes, lulls, and turnarounds all being delivered in instantaneous succession. The end result is intensity without apology. Everyone gets steamrolled. And likes it.

Immigrant Breast Nest is honored to present Inconclusive Whale Autopsy’s self-titled debut release. Trying to describe this record could have us inventing words all day and night, but these eight tracks only take seven minutes to drive the point home with no room for doubt. This is as weird and brutal as it gets. Inconclusive Whale Autopsy will rearrange your insides without a map.

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20 05 2010
Immigrant Breast Nest » Introducing Inconclusive Whale Autopsy, new release included

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