Download IBN015: Remixing The Bloodwore

1. Lost in the Forgotten Lexicon of Torment (Bilious Shards of Transonic Retribution mix) by seismologist
2. Destroyed in the Tormented Lexicon of the Ancients (The Beast Shall Rise Malicimix) by Digit216
3. Enveloped in the Dreaded Anguish of Ancients (Apocalypse mix) by David Morneau
4. Destroy the Feline Idol (Tower of Babel mix) by David B. Applegate
5. Perversely Anticipating the Impending War (Brutal Pixie mix) by Joy Through Noise
6. Veriohukaiset (Unholiest Allium mix) by Speak Onion
7. Destroy the Feline Idol (Violate the Grimalkin Effigy mix) by Naetron
8. Outro (#1 Dad mix) by Thermometerometer

 Immigrant Breast Nest let loose some of NYC’s local deviant electronics masters to work the darkest necromancy on Decanting The Bloodwhore’s tru kvlt black metal classic, Enveloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients. Hellish blasts morph into breaks and bonks and pained screams slither into seething and sizzling noise freakouts. Imbuing the extreme grymmness of the originals with horrid and un-natural power, these remixes somehow deliver extreme hotness alongside true frost. 

Digit216 and Speak Onion pound out ruined breakcore with no remorse, while Joy Through Noise and Thermometerometer revel in ominous ambience. Naetron and seismologist lay out neck-breaking grooves, leaving David Morneau and David B. Applegate to get way, way out there on some alien soundscapes. Immigrant Breast Nest once again brings you the tru necro kvlt grymness, this time raised to the evil inverted infinite power.

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