Download IBN014: Xrin Arms / Dental Work- Full Circles

1. Ten Percent
2. China Jive (Interlude)
3. Ultimate Sunlight Part 2
4. Cerulean Gaze
5. Kitty Kats
6. Deathless Elation
7. Moon Panther
8. Brithquake Cake
9. Dearest
10. Jamaican Glitter
11. Danger Garden

Immigrant Breast Nest and Placenta Recordings team up to bring you an ultra-hot split release from your favorite digital harsh rock artist and deranged noise experimentalist. Xrin Arms and Dental Work permanently mutate 2010 with enough electronic psychedelia to conquer the whole fucking internet.

Xrin Arms presents seven maniacal songs bouncing between a new form of brutal R&B and the digital grindcore  which made his name.  These tracks reveal a bizarre sound-world of hard-earned, violent versatility.  And while this may be one last hurrah for his grindcore mode, the R&B inflected tracks look forward to Xrin’s upcoming full length release Coy Insanity.  In any style, Xrin Arms sets himself apart.  Full Circles is another notch in his belt.

Dental Work comes correct with 22 minutes of lysergic concrete, morbidly obese ape-tech, digital ramen noodle destruction, and avant-garde lamb biryani all wrapped in a neat little package to take you well beyond 2012. These four tracks, conjured using AM radio, turntable, delay, laptop, Magix 15, Atomix, knives, and plenty of LSD, emit a freakish sonic melange of ghettotech and power electronics sound collage. Dental Work’s turntable-ism is dangerous: when you hear it you may have a seizure. You may have to go to the hospital… or to the cemetery. If these tracks render you unconscious, don’t be surprised to wake up in an abandoned building surrounded by cats serving Indian food. You’re welcome.

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