Download IBN001: Thermometerometer- Who measures the measurers?

1. Centrifuge Party
2. Trapezoid At Least
3. We Get Shapes
4. Dunejam
5. Trapezoid At Best
6. Speak Onion Vs. Mr. Sound Boy King

Thermometerometer gets shapes. All kinds of shapes. Immigrant Breast Nest brings their first release, Who measures the measurers? to you, all full up with the kinds of shapes that make you scratch your head or do a dance. If you looked at these tracks through a giant microscope, you would see some doom shapes and get a disease! Drones, bonks, throbs, flips, slaps, and screams propel this record onward, sometimes backward. Along the way, Thermometerometer poke and prod inside some sounds looking for the next noise or beat that will fit into their messy basket. They are building one thing out of another thing. From the driving hard rhythms of Centrifuge Party to the abstract noise of Trapezoid At Best and the drone screams of Dunejam, T-MOM is tossing out some weird junk for your ears.

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