We walked around until we got an epiphany. It took us a while to get it, but once we got it, we knew we had it. We knew what we wanted to do. I went to Dan and said ‘Thermometerometer.’

Then it started to spread and other neighborhoods were hearing about us. Some people were acting like they were not with it, because they didn’t like the noise shit. Guys like Pop Clumpy wanted to make it Clumpometer, because they were the Clumpy Posse. There were some guys who were on that ghetto shit and weren’t fucking with Thermometerometer. And now that we’ve blown up, they’re like, ‘Yeah, we’re T-MOM.’ And they were, we’re bringing everybody.

But some of them went separate, like Don Drope. Don Drope was my student, but he went with Clumpy Posse, and CP wasn’t pure in the heart like that so they disintegrated. Had they been pure, and realized we had vision, they would have got further. That’s what we’re trying to tell you – trust us.

IBN Releases

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27 09 2012
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