David Morneau


David Morneau enacts scientific styles as Immigrant Breast Nest’s composer-in-residence. When you ask him: “What is a hallucinogenic poem?” he replies: “No.” When you see him, he is surrounded by dancers.

David has previously demonstrated his diverse range of skills, from the classical to the fantastical, including 60×365 – a year-long podcast project for which he composed a new one-minute piece every day, Boop Boop Beep – a solo performance for Nintendo Gameboy, Three Questions – an experimental graphic score for any performer(s), and a pile of chamber music for piano, flute, marimba, and more. David’s a/break machinations is the first installment in his ImDM series, exploring electronic music’s every corner from his unique persepctive. As we speak, he is also working on a short concert-opera based the classic Simon electronic game & Elevator Machine Room, a computer music performance project. You can also often find David Morneau dropping slabs of hot art on people as part of Seen Performance, an artist collective in New York City.

David provides you with unprecedented mad science audio; he brings three ruckuses. Do not wear a monocle while listening to his music; it will pop out of your eye. If you are bored, spin his records & do an alarm dance, have a hallucination, drink an imaginary beverage & visit http://5of4.com for more.

photo credit: Wendi Cheng

IBN Releases
a/break machinations (2009)
Remixing The Bloodwhore (2010)
Confessions of a Digital Proselyte (2011)

David Morneau website
David Morneau on myspace

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