6 05 2015

Birth by Joy Through Noise is today’s featured track from THE ENTERTAINMENT. Birth pummels and entices with its distorted beats and tweaked melodies. The thump of industry crawls out of the factory to embroider the earth.

Below, see Joy Through Noise’s answers to our questions about the track, music-making, and her approach to sound. Stay tuned, all the contributors to THE ENTERTAINMENT will be featured here in the coming weeks.

1) Tell us a bit about your contribution to The Entertainment. Is it typical of your music? Are there any sounds/processes/elements in it that you haven’t included before? Were you trying to go for any specific listener reaction?

The track Birth came from a series of songs that I wrote all around the same period, late 2013-early 2014.  I became really inspired by writing within the 180-190bpm spectrum and also began incorporating more drum and bass elements into my sound production.  At that time I was performing much more consistently that I had in the past and that created this momentum and inspiration of writing new material which was more refined that anything I had done prior to that. The song Birth developed through my performances, after each set I would refine it a little more based on how well it took on a loud system and in a public space. Everything was written and performed in my Electribe EMX, no external processing or editing was done.
I wrote Birth during a time period where I felt as if I was literally giving birth to myself, both a creative and destructive metaphysical process, so I was drawn to melodies and sounds that evoked a movement of primal emotions, a feeling of going deep within oneself. I don’t necessarily intend to create listener reactions, but I am conscious of invoking a mood.   
2) Are you better off in your music than you are walking around in life?
I certainly think I make more sense when I am creating, even if just to myself.  I’m very non-linear, so when I am creating I am more aligned with my nature flow.  But who I am as a sound artist evolves because of what I take from everyday life, the challenges of reality help me grow and also appreciate the moments when I am in my self-induced creative atmosphere.
3) What is noise? What role does “noise” have in your work?
To me, noise is sound without boundaries, something shamanic/primal, frequency created outside the limitations of definition.  Noise is part of my creative process, hence ‘joy through noise.’ In my music, noise functions as an energetic component, and often times it’s how I shape a sound in an unusual way so that it’s not just “music” in the traditional sense, but it’s something beyond sensual reality.
4) Did you intentionally want to make something the listener could only speculate about, rather than be certain of?
I don’t really think about the ‘listener’ when I create.  Especially since everyone experiences the world through there own perceptual filters, it wouldn’t even matter because people will have their own experience of it anyway.  I create what comes through me and what I want to hear. 
5) What’s next for Joy Through Noise? Anything you want to tell people about?
I have a couple albums in the works, one of which will be a release of all the tracks I wrote along with Birth, and then another which is all new tracks that I’ve written on the Tempest.  Simultaneously I am working on a few release for TWIN BRAIDS, which is my project with Baseck.  I am performing in LA regularly with both music projects.  Along with performing and recording, Baseck and I have a night we host called CELEBRATE EVERYTHING, which is dedicated to showcasing the most potent Experimental Electronic Music, so if your in LA you’ll definitely want to keep our events on your radar (

Thank you, Joy Through Noise! We’ll see you at CELEBRATE EVERYTHING when we’re next in LA.

-Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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