Inside Info About The I.B.N. Releases

26 04 2009

I have some fun ‘insider’ comments for you all which gets the hype-machine going as well as elevating our mystique to “Leviathan”-era Mastodon proportions:

Thermometeromter – Who measures the measurers?
Dunejam was recorded on an actual dune.

Speak Onion – Metabolor
Dan still won’t tell me where he got the harp, piano & string samples on the last track of this one.

Magical Penis Thief – A rabbit pooped in his arms
Most of the song titles for this came from bathroom graffiti in a bar.

Headless Nameless – Lowlight Encampment
Most of the sounds are from a 1989 drum machine + Gameboy.

Thermometerometer – In the furniture factory
Recorded in a factory right across the street from where Nas used to live.

Decanting the Bloodwhore – Evenloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients
Archaeological evidence indicates that eating licorice-covered watermelon seeds is part of what made the members of this band so hateful and nihilistic during the making of this record.

Go download these in the releases section!!

Derek Tibs (CEO, Immigrant Breast Nest)



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