Friends of I.B.N. concert 4/10, Harlem, NYC

9 04 2009

From Immigrant Breast Nest soldier Ben Gallina:

Dear Friends and Potential Lovers of Salo,

Just a friendly reminder about our awesome and fun and musically adventurous gig tomorrow night. We have two new Salo songs I’m excited to hear live for the first time ever. Also, some slight personnel changes in Slow to Wake, i.e. fun and talented guest musicians.

To reiterate: The Shrine, in Harlem, is a great World Music Venue with a cool 70’s vibe, welcoming staff, great food, and cheap drinks. Salo played there in January, it was awesome, and they’ve given us three slots for Friday, April 10th. FREE CONCERT – directions and map below.

All the best,
Ben Gallina

Live at The Shrine
Friday, April 10th, 2009

8pm Slow to Wake

EJ Fry – Drums, Samples
Peter Schlamb – Vibes
J.P. Schlegelmilch – Accordion
Shane Rettig – Keyboards
Ben Gallina – Bass

Steeped in Spaghetti Westerns and Kurosawa flicks, Slow To Wake conjures images of grainy 60s film through the use of instrumental rock, other-worldly jazz, & ambient soundscapes. They shamelessly juxtapose lush strings & digital electronics to provide a modern soundtrack to pristine beauty & urban decay, as well as pristine decay and urban beauty. The band was formed in 2005 with the basic concept being to combine elements that usually seem to be at odds with each other: organic and digital, acoustic and electronic, soothing and harsh, light and dark. The result is a cinematic style of music that comprises many eclectic styles and song forms.

9pm Salo

Josh Rutner – Alto Saxophone and Bass Clarinet
Ed RosenBerg – Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Smiley – Guitar
Red Wierenga – Keyboards
Ben Gallina – Bass
Alex Wyatt – Drums

Salo performs music from the collective-subconscious realm. Expeditions to the astral plane are undertaken to capture and extract energy generated by the experiences of our species. The myriad stories of joy, pain, love and survival are then absorbed, interpreted, translated, and ultimately performed with raw physical urgency.

10pm NOOK

JP Schlegelmilch – Keyboards
James Windsor-Wells – Drums
Kenny Warren – Trumpet
Patrick Breiner – Sax/Clarinet
Jeff Ratner – Bass

NOOK is a Brooklyn-based band that got it’s name from playing their first show in a tiny record store in Greenpoint. They have since gone on to play at larger nooks around New York and have released their debut album “Captain Momentum (Himself).” NOOK’s sound draws from the diverse musical landscape of New York, and freely makes use of experimental rock, balkan music, free improvisation, funk, atmospheric and ambient noise, and tightly structured composition. NOOK seeks to make creative and original music that is also accessible and fun and appeals to a non-jazz/experimental music audience.

The Shrine is located at 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., between 133/134th Streets.
You can take the B/C to 135. Walk 2 blocks East, 1 block South -or-
You can take the 2/3 to 135. Walk 1 blocks West, 1 block South.



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